Why should you go to a circus?

When you hear the word circus, you would think that it’s all about the same old tricks, which have been performed for dozens of years .But if you actually go to a circus, the impression that you have towards it would change. Here is a list of few important reasons that justify the fact, why you should go to a circus. After going through these reasons, you would realize that it is important for everyone to visit and enjoy a circus more often than you actually do.

First of all, you should keep in mind that the clowns in a circus are actually funny than they appear. Unfortunately, there are people who believe that the clowns are something to be afraid of. The Batman series has heavily influenced their mindset. However, you should keep the fact in your mind that the clowns that you can see at a circus are not something to be afraid of and they are completely different from the Joker that you can see in Batman series. They look and act silly, with the objective of entertaining all the guests. You are guaranteed to have a nice time by watching how the clowns act. They would never evoke sympathy, when you are enjoying the circus.

The teamwork that you would be able to experience at a circus is flawless. That’s mainly because of the work ethics followed by the circus team. While enjoying the circus, you would realize that some tricks performed by the team are a matter of life and death. It would be fascinating to see these performances, but in the meantime, you would feel worried about what would happen, when an accident takes place. The artists are well-trained to perform the acts and they have done the same thing for hundreds of times. Therefore, you can eliminate all the worries from your mind and enjoy the spectacular acts performed by the circus team.

People who perform at a circus usually tend to give their all. They are always looking forward to attract people and make sure that there aren’t any empty seats. Therefore, you would obviously get something that is worth for the amount you spend to purchase circus tickets. They perform with their maximum adrenaline levels, just to make you feel impression. Moreover, the coordination that exists in between the circus team members is spot on. The performers usually come from different backgrounds and they have their own unique characteristics. They always work in tandem with each other as well. There aren’t any gaps in between the communications, so you can always expect the best.

The performers would try to leave all the guests with a high. As a result, the circus team can simply be defined as a bunch of entertainers. They would also try their best to leave you with an adrenaline rush. You should visit a circus to experience this fun and excitement and you would never regret about the decision you take.
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WHEN: APRIL 22, 2017
TIMES: 2:00 P.M. AND 4:30 P.M.
WHERE: South of Ace in Paulden
Child ages 2-12 $ 8.00
Senior Adult Age 65 and over $ 8.00
Adults Ages 13 years and over $13.00